Friday, September 19, 2008


It is day 6, yes, S-I-X without power. Hurricane Ike knocked down power poles all around our neighborhood and NO ONE is working on them! We aren't supposed to get power back until sometime next week! I have some amazing before and after pictures I want to post, but, no go on a dial up connection and a generator powering a secondary laptop. Ok, that is it for my whining.

We came through the hurricane fine with minimal damage and we are all healthy (which is surprising with the food situation) but we could have it much worse. So, no complaints, just thanks (and a prayer that the nice weather continues).

update::: we were without power for a total of 12 days. Now that it is back on, things are back to normal for us, but not for so many other people...we were truly blessed. Now it's time to find ways to help others; something I should have been doing instead of whining....we all have our moments though.

Take a look at my flickr for the before/after pics of my street!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Latest Project

These commemorative ribbons were a custom order from my Etsy shop. Kelly from Klryder is going to be involved in one of the relay for life races in the DFW area and asked me to make these for her. Good Luck Kelly and I hope the race is a huge success!

Update on Studio Construction

Here is the latest. The electrical is done and the walls have been primed. This weekend comes texture and paint and then I move in with my temporary furniture. Because this is our garage, we have to do a little juggling to get it all arranged. So, my lame worktable on sawhorses has to come in here until we can get my big workbench and shelves made. The a/c and lighting is a HUGE improvement which I am excited to have, anything else is ~gravy~!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Coupons Codes for My Etsy Shops

Each week I will be offering different discounts, free with purchase, free shipping for my customers. Be sure to check back as I will change these every week.

MiaSophia: I am currently offering Free Shipping in my shop. No need for a coupon code. Just find what you like and I'll send it to you for NO Shipping charges.

I'm Currently destashing my studio so I'm not running any specials at this time. I do, however, have great deals on my destash...check it out~

Thanks for checking these out. I hope you find something you love in my shops! If you have any questions please contact me through one of my shops (contact button) and I'll get back with you asap!

Under Construction...

This is my new studio space in our garage that is under construction. This was an anniversary present from my husband who is a big do-it-yourself-er. Since we live in Houston, it is impossible to work on my stained glass in the summer without air conditioning. He went one step further and, instead of just installing an air conditioner, he is making me a custom studio! Wow. He is even giving up some of his "man space" for it. Wow, best gift ever! Stay tuned for updates! I am itching to get my glass and cutters out!