Friday, September 19, 2008


It is day 6, yes, S-I-X without power. Hurricane Ike knocked down power poles all around our neighborhood and NO ONE is working on them! We aren't supposed to get power back until sometime next week! I have some amazing before and after pictures I want to post, but, no go on a dial up connection and a generator powering a secondary laptop. Ok, that is it for my whining.

We came through the hurricane fine with minimal damage and we are all healthy (which is surprising with the food situation) but we could have it much worse. So, no complaints, just thanks (and a prayer that the nice weather continues).

update::: we were without power for a total of 12 days. Now that it is back on, things are back to normal for us, but not for so many other people...we were truly blessed. Now it's time to find ways to help others; something I should have been doing instead of whining....we all have our moments though.

Take a look at my flickr for the before/after pics of my street!

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