Thursday, November 27, 2008

Here is the first round of brooches based on the pink peony. I did deviate a little on color choices because I love all the colors. Although I was going for pink, I must admit my favorite was the dark burgundy brooch. Although, the chartreuse was a close second.

I'm very happy with my final brooches. Maybe someday I'll share with you those that didn't turn out quite so good. The experiments gone awry as it were... hmmm maybe not. That would be TOO embarrassing.

I hope everyone had a happy off to bed to prepare for Lollishops opening tomorrow! Yay. look for me there as (try again later if it doesn't work. I may not be fully operational yet).




ReFabulous said...

Beautiful brooches! I love the pink one and the aqua one the most. Good luck tomorrow with Lollishops! :)