Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sharing from Our Vacation

We took an amazing vacation last week as you could see from my previous post. I will share more pictures with you of our journey and, although I am taking these out of order, they are some of the wonderful things I saw during our stop in New Orleans.
This first picture is a view from our Hotel window. The cute little building is actually lived in. I had no idea people lived in these old buildings. Although you can't see in in the picture, the top floor is an apartment with a lovely little kitchen you can see through the window on the right.

During our stay we investigated pricing for these buildings/apartments. We saw a few for sale and, while they are old, they are not cheap.

While shopping in the French Quarter on Rue de Royal (Royal Street), we walked into a shop that had AMAZING french imports. I wanted to snap pictures of how lovely the shop was, but the owner was sitting right there and I didn't know if they would like it or not. I did however sneak a picture of these mirrors and frames. I couldn't resist. Intricate carvings and such beautiful paint colors. This was one stack I saw, but every open corner was stacked with carved mirrors, some taller than me!

This building was also their home. They occupied the third and fourth floors. This is a view from the bottom floor up the staircase. Isn't it amazing? Although, it would be a little difficult to maneuver in the dark.

If you haven't been to New Orleans French Quarter and love this type of architecture I suggest you go. Stay off Bourbon Street and you'll be away from the noise and the bars, Chartress St. and Royal Street have amazing shops full of artists, wonderful antiques (I saw a $22,000 antique clock) and beautiful furniture and architecture.


PamperingBeki said...

What a beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

Hey chick! Omg you should of looked me up seriously!! I live only 2 hours from New orleans!!! I could of meet ya! Nothing in the world is really like New Orleans! lol big mermaid hugs