Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Devil Cookies

Oh these cookies are the devil! They are the lightest shortbread cookies you have ever tasted! They must have butter, flour and a little sugar and that is all because they melt in your mouth. Then, to add insult to injury they are covered with the thin layer of delectable white icing and drizzled with more blue icing. I could do without the sprinkles (truth be told I hate sprinkles) but these cookies are so good I don't even mind the sprinkles! YUM! They are better than cupcakes and I ate five, yes 5, yesterday!!! Ooooh they are the devil!
And, they come from the walmart bakery! Who would have guessed?!? These were given to me as leftovers at a kids party at our church, I wouldn't have bought them myself, but now....how can I keep away! Darn!Absolutely delicious!
Don't believe me? try them and you'll be saying the same! The devil!

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