Friday, December 5, 2008

Newest Design . . . Hair Pins!!

These are my newest design. Petite Rose Hair Pins. I am really pleased with how they have turned out. I made them in white, periwinkle, pink, and raspberry pink. I spent this week sitting in a chair by the fireplace (when it has been cold) sewing. I made several sets and have posted them in my as well as shops.

I ordered and received my new felt order that contains all my spring colors. It is so hard to wait and not get started, but I'm making myself wait! First things first I suppose. Christmas, then spring!


Michelle said...

those are super pretty!!

pinkpatrice said...

Wow! Those are so darling!


pinkpatrice said...

FYI- when I clicked on your amie-blooms link it said the link couldn't be found... :(

Mia Sophia said...

pinkpatrice...thanks for that info! I fixed it! arrgh. blogger was messing up yesterday and it took me four tries to get this posted! I guess I was so frustrated I forgot to check my links! :-)

Thanks again!