Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pretty Pictures

For any of you who look at my Mia Sophia shop regularly you may know that I am always trying to improve my photos. Just when I think I've got it down, something changes, either the light, or my camera (one of which died recently) and so I feel I am starting over again.

This is one of the new backdrops I am using. It's a vintage doll head and has a japan sticker on the back. It stands about five inches high, but, from responses I've received from others, it appears to be close to life size and makes the pendants look HUGE! ha ha ha. So, I've made sure there is a picture of someone wearing the necklace in my listing. Also, those holes that are made to attach the doll head to the body, um, how do I say...give me I made her a nice little bodice today. So she'll be more modest from now on.

I think this backdrop is working because I posted it yesterday and it was put in a treasury today (the first this year! yay) click HERE to see the treasury and show it some really is a very nice collection.


LindaGJ said...

Your photos are always so fabulous as all your work is too! You know I'm such a huge fan of your work! I wanted to tell you that what is so great about the Diary Project 2010, you do not need to be able to draw. You can use photos as well and just make them black, grays, and white! Then all you have to add are the words. I made mine with Print shop. I think there are examples from the past on the link to the Diary from 2009 I gave on my blog!
I can't wait to see the Treasury you are featured in!

Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

Pretty pics and jewelry, and I love the doll head as a photo accessory!

I'm Julia said...

What a pretty picture... very soft & organic. A nice way to showcase your work :-)