Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Best Way to Re-Gift

I love getting orchids. I love how they are usually given as live plants that have amazingly gorgeous and unusual flowers. You should really *look* at one some time. Amazing, beautiful and a little scary. Something between an alien and a bug. I also love how they last such a long time.

I was given one last year for either my birthday or Mother's Day. (I can't remember which because they are two weeks apart). I enjoyed it in my kitchen for such along the last.. until the last pitiful wilted petal fell.

I took the remainder of the plant outside to sit in one of my flower beads. I have done this before and that one eventually it died.
Well, this particular plant didn't die. Imagine my surprise when I found little buds had sprouted out of the old stem (which experts say to remove, but i didn't).

So now this birthday/Mother's day, I have my orchid, again! I can't bring it inside because I don't know what critters have taken up residence in the pot; however, it is still a sweet surprise and beautiful.


Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

What a Lovely Orchid! Beautiful shade of yellow. Bless you fellow orchid lover, a word of caution however...they are addicting :-) A wonderful addiction to have. Best wishes on a long lasting flower!!

ReFabulous said...

What a happy surprise! Your orchid is beautiful.

Many years ago (I was in high school,) someone gave me an old flower pot, full of dirt. I stuck the pot in my closet, and forgot about it. Imagine my surprise when we opened the closet, months later, to find an orchid had bloomed! How that happened, I'll never know, but that's my orchid story. ;)