Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Put the Lime in the Coconut......

My new goal is to try to make treasuries. I think it is an important tool to getting yourself seen and out there in the Etsy community. So far, I haven't been picked for many so I thought, why sit and wait..I'll make my own. Now I don't put my own items in a treasury (although I believe it is allowed to have one), instead of thinking of how I can be put in them, I'll highlight all my friends, favorites, and fun things I find. Do unto others kind of keeps the focus off of me.

So, this is my new one. Be sure to check out She is ALWAYS including me in her treasuries supporting the Houston team. She does the cutest artwork featuring her little black and white kitty, Peanut. Also be sure to check out I use her soaps and they are amazing. I'm going to be ordering that lime/coconut soap as soon as the treasury expires (lol, don't want it to disappear out of there).

Other great shops owned by super people are and Both are my chat buddies and are always charming, helpful and encouraging.

oh yea, and click on my me support these great artists.

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LindaGJ said...

You are making beautiful Treasuries! Now you can see why I love to do them! And NOT featuring your work is so hard to do!