Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dream ~ Denied...

For the longest time I have been a fan of French Bulldogs. Long before Martha Stewart got hers, long before they were the "it" dog, long before most even knew what one was.

I never seriously considered getting one because of the two amazingly hairy Australian Shepherds that now occupy my house. One more dog seemed too much.

Lately, with seeing them more and more in pictures, media, etc. I thought I'd look into getting one.

Researching breeders was my first step but I was stopped DEAD in my tracks. These adorable puppies are, on average, $2000 each. Yes, Two THOUSAND dollars, each.

Well, simply put, NO WAY! I expected them to be a little expensive, but, no matter how blessed I am, how poor I am, how rich I am, I would not, will not pay that for a dog.

I am a little disappointed, but still chuckle to myself...two thousand dollars!?! um, no.


Alisa said...

$2000! Holy crow!
My Farmboy has been wanting one for awhile now, but not while we already have two dogs. I wonder if this little bit of info will deter him now.
They sure are cute though!

Christie Cottage said...

LOL No way here either!!

Kristen said...

Yikes! When I saw the picture of him/her I thought awwww I'd love one too~ then saw: Costs $2,000. That would be a NO for me too. I don't suppose you could find one at a shelter???

I saw this the other day:

They really are SOOOO stinkin CUTE!