Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Ring! Who Knew?

This is one of my new rings. It is a petite faceted labradorite stone. While placing the item for sale on Etsy yesterday, I was having trouble with the spelling of the stone (not good for a search based site). I learned that it is Labrador-ite, like the dog, lol. I also learned that the stone has some pretty cool properties. I usually don't buy into the mystical properties of stones but I thought this really interesting.

These are the properties of Labradorite:

Self Esteem: Labradorite promotes strength of will and a feeling of inner worth about your own abilities, while relieving insecurity and apprehension about your value as a spiritual being. (now where is that ring? I need to put it on now!)

Creativity: Labradorite helps to combine intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom enhancing discernment in all situations. This gemstone elicits creativity by inspiring you to come up with original ideas and solutions to problems. (a much needed help!)

Diet: Labradorite is an excellent gemstone for those seeking to lose weight as it balances and regulates metabolism. (um, won't we all try anything...I'm making myself one! I wonder how big a stone I can get~)

Career: Brings patience, which leads to better focus and concentration. This stone enhances perseverance, very helpful for those who are facing a period of sustained work, such as students at exam time, and for those who are prone to overwork. (a cure for ADD, who knew!)

Athletes and Procrastinators: It can stimulate physical activity, and 'kick start' the energy necessary to get into action. (a nice kick in the pants!)
I hope I was able to help you learn a little something today and have a little fun, too.

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Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

I love labradorite! this ring is just my style it is going on my wish list :)

very nice!