Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adding to the Collection

From time to time I have shared with you little pieces of my salt and pepper collection. While I love the old I also embrace the kitchy and quirky new pieces that I find. I choose what speaks to me and, of course, those wonderful pieces I receive as gifts.

I was lucky enough this week to add two sets to my collection.

First, while trolling through an amazing and huge antique store near my house I came across this little pair. I was very excited because not only were they salt and pepper, they were also dogs, another one of my quirky little loves.

I don't believe this pair were ever used because one still had packing material inside. As you may be able to see in the picture, one of these had lost it's head in the past and had been crudely re-attached. I don't mind. I think it adds to it's charm.
This adorable second pair was a gift from my Mother. She knows just what I like! (hi mom!)

She spent the last two weeks on a cross country trip with her sisters. All the way from here in Houston to Portland, Maine, criss-crossing amish country, seeing the fall leaves, visiting lighthouses. And she was so sweet to pick up this endearing little lighthouse and it's adorable keeper. Thanks mom!

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