Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tripple Threat

I am having one of those stuggle times where I just sit back and say "why can't I just make stuff? That should be good enough." Unfortunately, when we sell online it isn't that simple. We have to be a crafter, photographer and a writer.
First, great photos are a must. This is something I constantly am working on. When one of my items isn't getting the views and, most important sales I retake the photos with different lighting, positions and backgrounds.

Here is a wonderful collection of articles to help us all with our photography:

Writing is also something we have to be good at. Coming up with titles can be a daunting task if you like the more creative titles. I do, and sometimes I just have to rely on the "sterling silver ring with ....." At the point I am listing the item I have photographed, edited, uploaded and now, I'm pooped. Any time I get writers block I go to this group of articles and get tips and help.

A bright spot is that we belong to a great community of fellow artisans who are creative and can give a little help when we need it.

I would love some help naming my new ring (pictured above). It is a chunky ring with a jade green aventurine stone. The band is thick hammered sterling silver. (see? not too creative today)

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Fable Bay said...

this ring is so intriguing! I happen to be a super huge fantasy story reader, and Eragon is one of my favorite series. This story deals with dragons, and each is a brilliant color unique to themselves. So when i saw this beautiful green, it made me think of dragons specifically the eye with the shape. But of course, Dragon's Eye ring sort of lacks appeal. SO I considered and alternative and's thesaurus says that Tarragon is a synonym for Dragon, and this word has very earthy romantic feel. so there is my suggestion:

Tarragon Gaze- Sterling Silver Ring