Monday, March 2, 2009

Tiny Treasures, are the Leprechauns Around?

The loveliest of things can just surprise you when you least expect it. After trimming my roses and shrubs I found this little gem smiling up at me. I have a strict policy with my husband that he is not to get rid of this type of clover as long as it isn't in the grass. It is such a sweet little plant that will, just when you least expect it, surprise you.

It shows up in unexpected places and in unexpected ways. This next picture is also a surprise, but in a fun way. Have you ever seen a clover leaf this big? I haven't, and I live in Texas where everything is supposed to be big!

I didn't find a pot of gold, but these little moments are treasures.

I hope you find your own little treasures when your snow starts to melt and spring arrives!


Shimmermeblue said...

Oh I can't wait til the snow melts and I can plant again! This time of year just makes me want to move somewhere that's warm all year! But..... then again I don't because I really do love Wisconsin! The land is so beautiful.

Fat Cat Crafts said...

Oh it looks so green and pretty where you live! I'm so envious. I live in Ohio and there's still snow here.