Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're Infested With Mice! Help!

Not really! This is a little project I got sidetracked on yesterday.

These are cat toys. Although I don't have cats, I am a sucker for mice. I had seen the custest little mice made by (the wonderful lady who makes the most fabulous laudry sachets: see here). I follow her blog because I am always facinated by those that can sew and make such nice things. Well, she posted a tutorial for these a few months ago and they had been on my mind.

I thought it would be a great project for my kids to do this summer and then maybe donate them to an animal shelter or something. But with them gone to camp this week and Etsy being so dead, I thought I'd just change gears to refresh myself and try to make them.
I pulled up the tutorial and got out my large bin of scrap material and embroidery thread. I even went and bought some catnip at the pet store.
The tutorial was easy to follow. And, after following the steps I only have one bit of the ears and nose close to the front. If you do it too far back they end up looking like rats~ (see the pink polkadot one I tried to hide in the photo! lol)
I did make one change and put an X on their eyes instead of the french knot she recommended. I thought it would be funny and I can't do a french knot! ha ha ha.
This will be a fun project for my kids, although I think I will enlarge the template a little. It will make sewing these little guys easier.
I hope you have fun and try something new if you need a little refreshing of your creative spirit.

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ReFabulous said...

These turned out so cute! Very nice. :)