Sunday, January 11, 2009

Front Page Feature!

No this isn't a screen shot of the FP treasury because I missed it when my item was included. I logged on to etsy and saw a wonderful valentine treasury and thought "Hey! I was in that!", so I checked the original treasury and sure enough, my flower brooch was there. "I was robbed!", I thought. I know admin has the right to substitute things that they feel fit better, but my flower is lovely "why would they do that!" I was about ready to post a "I was Robbed!" post in the forums (tounge in cheek, of course) when a thought hit me upside the head..."did it sell?". I am SO glad I got that smack to my head because, yes, it did sell! "Whew!" i only embarrased myself at home and not in public!

So yay to isiki for a wonderful treasury. This was her first attempt at a treasury and made the FP! She also has only had her shop open since December 10! A talented lady so check out her shop. I'm sure you will be hearing more about her!

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