Friday, January 9, 2009

My Fun Saturday Plans

This is what I have waiting for me tomorrow:

my overgrown garden has managed to take over! I plan in digging it all up and replanting in a couple of months. And this:

if you can believe it are dead tomato plants. Yes, that is the trellis they grew over and BROKE! Twice! I planted a grape tomato plant and it was wonderful; however the thing not only produces tomatos that look like grapes, it grows like a grapevine - Huge and Invasive. It took over most of my garden and shaded several plants that needed the sun. It got mad when I cut it back and grew more agressively. It'll be fun to see how it comes out tomorrow.
A ray of hope though:

The dead tomato plants may have sheltered some of my peppers from the snow and cold temps. Wish me luck!


Karley said...

Aw, I am so jealous. It's 16 degrees and I'm looking at snow and a GREY sky again :)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I hope you enjoy it! Our garden is completely overgrown, and in dire need of some TLC too!
xo Lidy

ReFabulous said...

You apparently have a green thumb, and I am jealous, because I do not! I'm sure it was a lovely garden... can't wait to see it next summer!