Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday's Treasures

I thought I'd start a new regular post to share the things I have that I treasure. It's not that they are worth a lot of money or hold any particular sentimental value, but they are things that make me happy and a little content. This is my Jane Eyre book. It is dated 1943 and reads second addition. I picked this up, if you can believe it, at a church garage sale a couple of years ago. This has been one of my favorite books and authors long before I ever found this book. So imagine my delight (disguised lest someone charge me more for it) at finding this treasure.

The "etchings" yes, not illustrations, but etchings are fabulous! The etchings of Jane in that horrible Lowood Institution and the mean Mr. Brocklehurst! Or the scary images of Bertha and Jane (if you don't know who Bertha is I won't spoil it for you), or (ah yes) the images of Jane and Mr. Rochester together. I guess I am a romantic after all.

My favorite book and one of my treasures. If you haven't read it I HIGHLY recommend it. It is a lovely story, maybe not at first, but read gets better!


mamutopia said...

That's a pretty book indeed! I love the etchings.

Lori said...

your book is lovely indeed...the title page is especially gorgeous!!!

lorhen82 said...

This book is exquisite! I love Jane Eyre. I have some photos of old books on my blog too, but they don't rival this one! What a great find! ~Lori