Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tag Tutorial

This is a great use for any paper scraps you might have. You can also make them from new papers or papers you have lying around that you can't find a use for.

They add just the right touch to packages (I use them for personally written thank yous in my orders). They also are great in a pinch for a birthday gift, baby shower, etc. when a tag is needed. Another great thing about making these is, once you get the idea (which is very simple!) you can embellish all you want.

First I gather my paper scraps. I usually have strips because of the paper boxes I make (maybe a future tutorial). They are usually 2 inches wide.

I cut each one to six inches long.

Fold so that there is a half an inch showing on the bottom layer.

Take any decorative cutting scissors and cut both edges, making sure they are neat and face the same way.

Take a hole punch (I prefer decorative ones not the regular round, but it isn't necessary) and punch a hole one quarter of an inch from the folded edge through both layers.

Cut any type of ribbon, embroidery thread, twine (whatever you like or have on hand) 10 inches long.

Fold in half and place loop through the punched hole. Draw the loose ends through the loop and pull, but not too hard.

There you have the finished tag. You can open it up and write your note!

These are fun, quick and easy. I usually can go through my scrap stash while watching tv in the evening.

I hope you have fun making these. Use your imagination and run with it! I'd love for you to kick them up and notch and show me what you've done!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for the sweet comment on my Glister Glass opening.

I love your tags! Your other items, especially your purple flower are so pretty, too!

Im glad to have found your great blog. Hope to chat again soon!


The Junkin' Yaya said...

Cute idea sweetie! I love your flowers in your shop and all your need to come across town and visit the shop! I am doing a workshop this week??? (Thursday...I am teaching a class about 'charms')....using all my vintage junke! ;)

Hope you have a beautiful weekend....xo..deb

Rose Haven said...

These are simply beautiful!!!

Thanks for joining in on the Give-Away of the TEACUPS!!!