Saturday, January 10, 2009


I finally finished!

After about three bags headed for the shredder this is what is left. Two Pepper plants, one massively pruned rosemary plant, sweet oregano and some onions. I need to turn my compost and add it to the garden, replace the weed fabric and maybe add another bed for my monster tomatoes!

This was my hidden harvest:

Hidden way under all the over growth were some beautiful peppers! Yum. I love peppers but can't eat all of these so I'll share with my neighbors. What a nice surprise. Fresh peppers in January! Gosh I love the South!

And, my sweet little oregano plant. We can't do without this. This is a mainstay to our favorite "chicken oregetano" dish.

So I have spring fever and I can't wait to put something into this little plot. About six more weeks and we'll be good to go! Maybe I'll get some chickens, too, to keep all the bugs out! (can you call them pets so the city will allow it?) here's hopin'.


ReFabulous said...

A dear friend of mine is an organic farmer, and keeps guineas to debug his garden... I'm not sure your neighbors would appreciate them, though! :) And your peppers -- what a lovely find!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is great! I love that it's raised and that you contain the great dirt and nutrients, too. We talked about doing a raised garden, too. Lovely harvest with the peppers, too!!

I can't wait to see me. Spring's not coming fast enough for me either!

Anonymous said...

ok...that should have been "I can't wait to see MORE"